Good to know

Who can rent a student accommodation?

To rent a student accommodation you must be a student at the University of Borås.

Why is it important to be registered in the right place?

Many rights and obligations are linked to the national registration, such as the right to various grants, the opportunity to apply for grants and where you vote and pay taxes. Correct national registration also facilitates when you take care of practical things such as insurance and various subscription services such as electricity and broadband.

Incorrect national registration can also have financial consequences. For example, if you are looking for a housing allowance, an incorrect national registration may make it look like you have a cohabitant, even if that is not the case. You may also be unlucky if someone who is incorrectly registered at your address is sought by Kronofogden or the collection company.

What applies to international studies?

A student who has moved to Sweden from abroad and plans to live here for a year or more should in most cases be registered here. If you move away from Sweden and are to be away for more than a year, you must also report it to the Swedish Tax Agency. This applies regardless of whether you were born in Sweden or have moved here, whether you are a Swedish citizen or not.

Read more about this on the Swedish Tax Agency’s website: Report a change of address as a student.

How long is the notice period for a student accommodation?

The notice period for our student rooms on Distansgatan is 1 month and the notice period for our other student apartments is 3 months.

Do you apply 10-month rent?

Yes, but only if you live in one of our student rooms on Distansgatan.

Can we stay two people in a student accommodation if only one of us is studying?

Yes, you can, but the student must apply in his/hers name and must be the one to sign the contract.

How many people can live in a student accommodation?

In our furnished student rooms, only one person can live and in our unfurnished apartments a maximum of two people can live together.

Is it allowed to have pets in a student accommodation?

Yes, we do allow pets.

Where should I send my study certificates to you when you have requested them?

You can email them to: info@bostader.boras.se

Is Internet connection for students included?

Yes, we and Bornet have signed an agreement regarding internet connection via SUNET. That means that you will have a fast internet connection included in the rent.

In the kitchen

Please make sure to clean up after yourself and your guests. Wipe off the stove, bench, clean the zink and wash up. Pots and pans are not provided in the Distansgatans dorm.


You are urged to keep your room and the common areas tidy.

Sorting waste

In the City of Borås we are sorting at source! This means that all your waste needs sorting. Please see the leaflet ”Sorting at Source in Borås” for further information. Black and white plastic bags are to be disposed of in the bins in the yard. You may get new plastic bags in the laundry room (Distansgatan). The nearest Recycling Centre is situated at Våglängdsgatan 151 (Distansgatan dorm).

Laundry room

The laundry room is situated at the basement of Distansgatan 23. You need to make a reservation in order to use the laundry room. Remember to clean the filter of the tumble drier after you have used it as well as the entire laundry room. Make sure that the laundry room is locked when you leave it.

Keys and code

You will receive several keys – for the staircase entrance door, your room/flat, the laundry room etc. Please, mind to keep the keys and the code to yourself!


Smoking is not permitted in the rooms or the common areas. You may smoke outdoors.


After 10 pm. Please respect your neighbours and fellow students.

Barbecue area

There is a barbecue area in the yard at Distansgatan.

Evening and weekend emergency

Securitas 010-47 05 387

After arrival

Picking upp your key within office hours

You pick up your key at your landlord’s office during their opening hours or, after agreement within office hours. See detailed information about your landlord contact person in the ”Contact Information International Student ” section.

Picking up your keys outside of office hours

If you are arriving at a time when the landlord cannot meet you, please ask him or her to leave one key (only one key) at the Scandic Plaza Hotel, located by the university. You need to contact us in advance and as ask if they can leave your key at the Scandic Plaza Hotel. You should give your landlord at least one week notice if you would like them to leave your keys with Scandic, though preferably at least two weeks. If your landlord confirms they can leave your key at the Scandic Plaza Hotel, then you will need to go to the reception, which is open 24 hrs/day and explain to them that you are picking up a key left under your name. The Scandic Plaza Hotel is located right next to the university. After picking up your keys you should visit your landlord at the first available opportunity to pick up the rest of your keys and sign other documents.

Scandic Plaza Hotel
Address: Allégatan 3
Telephone: +46 (0)33-785 82 00
Email: borasplaza@scandichotels.com


The following rules apply when renting student accomodation at AB Bostäder i Borås.

  • Student accomoation is ony avaliable for students at Högskolan i Borås
  • Student accomoation is ony avaliable for students who fulfill at least 15 points per semester.
  • To sign a contract you need to be 18 years old
  • The shortest contract avaliabe for students is 3 months
  • It is not allowed to change your accomodation during the first 9 months of your contract. This applys also if you terminate the lease and apply for another accomodation.
  • You can lease your student accomodation for maximum 6 years.
  • You must have an economic situation that allows you to pay the rent.
  • You can not have any payment defaults

Paying the rent

While in Sweden you will receive invoices from us regarding the rent. Then there are several ways to pay the rent.

The invoice glossary will help you understand them.

Please note that the upper half of the invoice sheet contains all the information you need to verify that the invoice is correct and yours to pay. The lower half of the sheet is a tear-off postal giro deposit slip. It contains all the information you need to pay the rent. Failure to pay the rent in time might lead to eviction!

You are requested to pay your rent via postal giro to our account. There are different ways to make the payment.

#1 You may pay in cash or with a card to any bank. Please note that the banks will impose an administrative fee per postal giro deposit slip. These fees will be different depending on which bank you go to but is usually between 40-120 SEK.

#2 Should you have a Swedish bank account your bank may offer special services concerning postal giro such as transfer of money free of administrative fees or Internet banking. Opening a bank account may be advantageous as it can also help you avoid fees associated with, for example, withdrawing money from bank machines (ATM:s).

Students who would like to pay the rent for several months at once can do so by using the reference number ( to be found at the bottom of the rent notification) of the first invoice received while doing the payment.

NOTA BENE!  If you pay from your home country (maybe before you arrive in Sweden), use the information below:

You make your payment to:

AB Bostäder i Borås
Box 407
SE-503 12 Borås

Account number, IBAN: SE0795000099603401351543
Name of bank: NORDEA
Bank’s address: SE-105 71 STOCKHOLM

Please also state your name and date of birth so that we can identify the payment.  If you have received an invoice, always state the ”avinummer” (number of notification).

Please note that you have to make the payment in Swedish kronor (SEK) and without any charge for the recipient.

To open a bank account in Sweden you should be prepared to bring with you the following:

  • Passport
  • Residence permit
  • Registration papers in Swedish showing how long your studies will last (can be picked up from Högskolan I Borås)
  • Proof of your address (a copy of your rental contract or a receipt from an invoice will work)
  • If you have registered for a Swedish personal identity number then you should bring a recent copy (no more than 2 weeks old) of a personbevis. This is a paper showing your personal identity number. It can be acquired be either ordering one over the telephone 020-567 000, or by visiting the local office tax office (Skatteverket). You can also contact your home bank and check what the possibilities are for you as a foreign exchange student in Sweden.

Report a fault

If something is broken or wrong in your apartment or in the common areas, you can make a fault report on the phone or on the website.

We want you to describe the fault as detailed as possible and also in what room the error has occurred. Beyond that, we also want to know your address and apartment number, a phone number we can reach you on, if you have a pet and if we can use the service key/ service position in the lock or not.

Attention, things that is considered consumables, for example fluorescent lamps and light bulbs and similar things are not included in the rent. You cannot report a fault for these items. You have to replace them yourself. If we find that you have been negligent you may also be charged a fee.

Report a fault to us

033-44 22 00
Phone hours
Monday-Friday: 7.00-16.00

Report a fault via My Pages/My account

We prefer if you make your fault report through our website. Log in to My Pages/My account and follow the instructions there.
Fault report at Evenings/at night to Securitas: A acute error report (rushing water, flood, powerless apartment, refrigerator and/or freezer that is not working) that needs to be made outside office hours is made to Securitas. Phone number 010 47 05 387.


Here you can find other contacts you may need as our tenant.
Pests: Nomor. Kl 7.00-17.00. Phone number 0771 122 300
Error report Internet: Contact your Internet distributor
Error report TV: Contact your distributor
Error report Elevator/lift: See information in elevator
Parking: Securitas. Phone number 0771 767 000

What is service lock?

Your safety is a priority for us. The service lock in your security door increases your security and allows you to decide when we have access to your apartment.

Service position

You use the service position when you have approved that we will do a job in your appartment.

Service position

First you lock the door and then turn the lock back into position ”10 o’clock” (think about the hour watcher on a clock!). Only then can a craftman or a repairman use their service key to unlock the door.

Service position

But, for the system to work you need to remember to put the lock into this position – otherwise we cannot do what you have agreed upon with us in your apartment.

Service position

It should look like this when you have left the lock in service position.

Normal position

When the lock is turned in postion ”twelve o’clock”, only you can lock or unlock the door.

Moving out

Giving notice

Please note….  If you wish to rent an accommodation for only three months you must give notice at the same time as you sign the tenancy agreement!

In answer to your notice of termination the landlord will send a confirmation of termination to you. The upper, table-like, part of the confirmation contains information on the flat. The cell with the text “avtalet upphör att gälla:“ (the agreement ceases to be valid) indicates the date that you move out of the flat.

Click here to find a translation of the text.


You also need to clean your room and other areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. Your landlord will perform an inspection of your room. For detailed information on cleaning requirements, please be referred to your landlord.  Generally you are asked to clean the following. Failure to clean your room thoroughly might cause the landlord to charge you a cleaning fee.


  • Your refrigerator and freezer compartments and cupboard if you share
  • Stove, refrigerator, freezer, sink, drawers, cupboards, floors if you have your own kitchen


  • The shower/bathtub, floor drain, washbasin, bathroom cupboard, mirror, toilet, floor etc.


  • Everything should be taken off the walls and doors (like posters, pictures etc). On removal, mind the wallpaper!
  • Wardrobes and chest of drawers should be emptied as well as wastepaper baskets
  • All surfaces should be wiped clean, the floors should be and wiped clean.
  • The windows should be cleaned.
  • The radiators should be wiped off as well as all skirting boards, door and window posts

You also need to return your keys to us. Keep in mind the visiting hours of your landlord office when planning your departure!

Please note… You need to get your landlord’s approval of the state of your room before you leave. If the state of the room is not acceptable to your landlord, he/she will charge you at least 500 SEK.

Please also note that if you loose your keys the landlord will charge you at least 1000 SEK.